Sezonluk Ürün Bilgisi
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  • Salamura
  • Dondurulmuş
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  • Kurutulmuş
Des Certificats de Qualité
Our factory has the circumference of 1200m2 with our 25 personals and also 250-300 women workers, we make a very high quantity of Products. We just work with mushrooms from the wood. Our freezers take 300t of frozen mushrooms, in the grade of -25. for the banning of the fresh mushrooms we use our other two freezers. We send the fresh mushrooms in woodboxes. Also we have style fome boxes to send frozen mushrooms with jerry Ice in it. Of course we send the mushroom of the way that our; Customer wants. With our gas machine we freezea whole quantity in just 3 minutes with the grade of -75, in using the gas CO2. Alsowe dry mushrooms, and for this we just use the sun, to have a natural quality of it. We get mushrooms from different countries, so we always have a health certificate from the Public health office, and the we are ready to send our products to our Customers. We have all the things that we need, to present you a good quality of mushrooms. It doesn't matterhow, how much, dry, frozen or, salamura, we are always ready to work for a good quality in big Quantity.